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  • 250g Crown Prince pumpkin cubed into bite size pieces, tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with some mixed herbs, salt and pepper, spread on a baking tray.  This also makes as tasty vegetable dish to serve anytime with other meals. 
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic
  • 200g of good chorizo sliced 
  • 300g risotto rice 
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika 
  • 2 tsp paprika 
  • 1 tsp turmeric 
  • 1 glass of white wine (optional) 
  • 2 pts hot water with 3 tsp bouillon 
  • 150g of Tractor pumpkin or carrot, grated 
  • 150g of Crown Prince pumpkin, grated 
  • 50g of grated parmesan (30g for recipe, 20g for serving) 
  • Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper 
  • Chopped fresh parsley
  • 400g baby spinach wilted with some ground nutmeg to serve 

Risotto offers a reassuring supper, rich but light and so adaptive to welcome many seasonal ingredients, herbs and spices. What’s better than adding nutritious pumpkin, spinach and warming spices as we dive into Autumn and Winter? The chorizo, spices and pumpkin flavours in this recipe greatly compliment each other, making this a super tasty supper.


  1. Toss the chopped pumpkin in olive oil, sprinkle with some mixed herbs, salt and pepper and spread on a baking tray.
  2. Place the pumpkin cubes into the oven at 180oC and roast for about 25mins, while you are making the risotto. Give them a toss every 10 mins until they are soft in the middle and crisp at the edges.
  3. Take a deep pan, ideally with a base not bigger than the heat source for even cooking, add some olive oil, the garlic and onion and cook on a medium heat until the onion is translucent.
  4. Add in the chorizo and let it warm through to allow all the flavours into the pan.
  5. Add the  risotto rice, followed by the spices and coat the rice fully.
  6. Stir the ingredients and let them sweat together for a minute or two before adding in the glass of wine; the wine is optional but adds to the flavour. Stir the risotto until the liquid is absorbed.
  7. Slowly start to add the hot stock, a ladle at a time and stir until each label is absorbed. Keep going with this process until you’re about ½ way through your stock supply.
  8. Add the grated pumpkin and stir and then continue to slowly add the remaining stock, always stirring until you get the preferred risotto consistency. Note – You might not need all the hot liquid but you might need a little extra. See Top Tip!
  9. Test and taste the rice and increase the seasoning if required. Turn the heat source off and pop a lid on your risotto to keep it warm. Check the pumpkin cubes and if ready remove from  the oven and keep warm.
  10. Wilt spinach in a pan with a knob of butter and some grated nutmeg.
  11. Stir through 30g of parmesan into your risotto. It’s important to add the parmesan at the very end of of cooking.
  12.  To serve, add a spoonful of spinach to the base of each plate or bowl, add a spoonful or two of the creamy risotto.  Pop a pile of crispy pumpkin on the top of the risotto and scatter some chopped parsley and the remaining parmesan on the top of each plate.  If you have it, drizzle a little balsamic syrup across the top.
  13. Serve immediately with a glass of Italian red wine.

Did you know?

Pumpkin contains ‘good carbs’ for slow release energy, keeping you fuller for longer. Pumpkin is wonderfully fibrous and as such promotes good gut health. It is packed with vitamins and minerals: potassium which is important for the nervous system and heart function and vitamin A, which is vital to support healthy eyes. Spinach has a rich tapestry of essential vitamins and minerals, including protein, and together with the chorizo, makes this recipe super tasty and nutritious.

Top Tip

Use warm or hot stock when you make risotto and add it slowly, only a ladle at time until completely absorbed, before adding another. You can’t rush a risotto. You need patience and strong arms. Risotto needs to be continuously stirred to help release the starches that make it famously creamy. The end result wants to be whole rice that’s al dente. Avoid a rice pudding consistency.

This recipe has been lovingly created for Kilduff Farm by Sonia Lee, LeeLifeNutition.
Sonia is a business mentor and accredited coach but also an enthusiastic cook, nutritionally conscious recipe writer and food photographer. She has a Diploma in Culinary Medicine and Applied Nutrition. As a mother of two she is passionate about nutritional content, wellbeing and the intelligent sourcing of ingredients in her cooking. Sonia greatly supports the genuine care and attention that the team at Kilduff Farm invests into their pumpkins and is excited to be working with them to develop and promote their use. | leelifenutrition