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Since 1963

Established in 2018, The Patch at Kilduff is an exciting family experience in the heart of East Lothian. An opportunity for children, young and old, to pick their own pumpkins right from the field. As a result of a desire to engage children (our own included) with rural life and teach them where food comes from and how it is grown, we decided to develop The Patch. Defying all odds and Covid-19 restrictions, we managed to open The Patch and welcomed lots of visitors old and new for pumpkin picking in East Lothian. Despite the restrictions, we had another wonderful year and are so looking forward to doing it all again in 2021!

East Lothian Tractor
Picking Pumpkins in East Lothian

Family run farming

Kilduff Farm is now run by Russell who grew up at Kilduff watching his grandfather manage the land, and over the years developed a strong passion for farming and rural life. Having graduated from studying agriculture at university and worked on the farm during holidays, Russell took the reins from his grandfather in 2010. Since then Russell, together with his wife Lucy, has developed the business to respond to the challenges facing modern day farming while always being mindful of the principals learned from his grandparents before him.

Kilduff Farm Produce

Much of the produce grown on the farm is already used across Scotland and you may well have tasted some of our wheat and oats in your beer and breakfast already. Our culinary pumpkins have been enjoyed by many local food enthusiasts and we are looking forward to more people tasting our pumpkins and sharing their pumpkin recipes with us.

We are excited to explore how we bring you more of our produce a little more directly and we are working on a few ideas to bring Kilduff Farm produce straight to your kitchen and dining tables. We’ll be in touch with updates as we go.

Pumpkins East Lothian