East Lothian’s Pumpkin Patch

Pick your own pumpkins and explore life on the farm

Pick your own pumpkins

Established in 2018, The Patch at Kilduff is an exciting family experience in the heart of East Lothian. An opportunity for children, young and old, to pick their own pumpkins right from the field. As a result of a desire to engage children (our own included) with rural life and teach them where food comes from and how it is grown, we decided to develop The Patch. Defying all odds and Covid-19 restrictions, we managed to open The Patch and welcomed lots of visitors old and new for pumpkin picking in East Lothian. Despite the restrictions, we had another wonderful year and are so looking forward to doing it all again in 2021!

Pumpkins in East Lothian
Patch Mark White

So much love and passion has gone in to this pumpkin patch experience, they deserve to sell every last pumpkin that they have. My kids have already asked if we can go again next year!

The Bear and the fox

Culinary pumpkins

We are passionate about using local produce and reducing food waste and want to encourage people that a pumpkin is not just for Halloween! In that vein we are committed to growing specific varieties for both carving and to cook with and sharing our knowledge on how to cook with Autumn’s star ingredient and share some delicious recipes! The Patch will re-open for pumpkin picking in October 2021 but in the meantime keep an eye out here and on social media for updates on how the pumpkins are getting on!

Picking Pumpkins in East Lothian